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A Rootless Adventure

Two years of RV living on the beach in Southern California is officially coming to an end. When we started our stay here we knew it would only be temporary with Jaylyn being in the military. However, I didn’t anticipate our time flying by this fast. So many memories and friendships made on this beautiful beach that I will forever treasure. It’s a bittersweet feeling that leads to a new adventure like no other.

For the first time in 10 years we are free to go wherever the wind takes us. Having the luxury of being able choose where we may want to live is something a lot of people take for granted. Most military families take this time to go home and finally set roots, we however have different plans.

After much anticipation, we will begin traveling full time in our rv with our infant. Our plan is to move every two weeks to a new location putting us closer and closer to New England by fall and into Florida before winter hits. We have only lived stationary in our Rv moving spots every two weeks with in our camp ground so this entire venture will be completely new for us.

Our beautiful beach camp ground in San Clemente, CA that we called home from 2019-2022

This rootless lifestyle is something I have longed for since we started our RV lifestyle in 2019. I know hitting the road now with an infant will be a challenge but a challenge I can’t wait for. Continuously pushing myself out of my comfort zone is one of my main objectives in life. When we get uncomfortable we change, and with change comes growth. We learned so many lessons being stationary and I know the open road will teach us so much more. An endless road filled with adventure while creating a lifetime of memories. As terrified as I am, I am also very excited to finally be living out my dream of traveling full time.

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