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Eco-Friendly Toys and Sustainable Gifts for Kids

In today’s world it’s hard not to fall into the trap of buying mass produced plastic toys. The plastic industry creates tons of plastic every year which sadly end up in landfills, takes thousands of years to break down while making millions in revenue. With gift season upon us consider seeking out brands and toys that make sustainable, earth friendly choices when it comes to manufacturing.

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly toys that use recycled and sustainably-sourced products.

Ages 0-2

Lovery Box Set

Baby Play Gym

Magnetic Wood Blocks

Baby Carrots Sorting Toy

Hammer Pull Toy

Ramp Racer

Permanence Box

Shape Sorting Cube

Stacking Blocks

8 in 1 Stacking and Geo Shapes Puzzles

Ages 3-6

Magnetic Wood Tiles

Tool Box Set

Wooden Number Puzzle

Play Kitchen

Dish Sets

Brain Teaser Logic Game

Sand Toys

Wooden Animals

Ages 7-10

5 Set Stem Kit

Nat Geo Catapult

Wooden Marble Run

3D Animal Puzzle

You can find all the above items by clicking their image or at my store front here!

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