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How to Visit the Hidden Pirate Tower in Laguna Beach

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Located about an hour south of Los Angeles off the Pacific Coast Highway sits Victoria Beach.
The public access to Victoria beach is a bit hard to find as it is hidden in an upscale neighborhood that is plastered with no parking signs along both sides of the streets. But don’t let that intimidate you from getting to the tower!

How to get to Pirate’s Tower

1. GPS “ Pirate’s Tower” into your phone's GPS

It will take you directly to the neighborhood where the beach entrance is located. The entrance is easy to miss as it is a small alleyway of stairs located between two of the homes off Victoria Dr. The entrance is located just to the right of 2713 Victoria Dr which you can also GPS instead.

2. Parking

I recommend parking on the Pacific Coast Highway 1 between Victoria Dr loop and walking down Victoria Dr or Sunset Terrace Dr as there is very limited parking within the neighborhood.

The red mark indicates beach access to stairway which is located at the corners of Victoria Dr & Sunset Terrace

3. Take the stairway to the beach

Next to the private residence of 2713 Victoria Dr you will find a long stairwell that will lead you to the beach.

4. Finding the tower

Once you are on the beach the tower is just a short hike to the right. There you will find the beautiful yet serene Pirate’s Tower. The 60-foot tower appears engulfed by the rocky cliff that is slowly crumbling away. You can also see the once private pool just to the left of the tower that is now one with the sea.


Remember to watch your step for sharp rocks
I recommend bringing water shoes or sandals with a thicker bottom
Check the tide before adventuring to the tower as the tower may become inaccessible during higher tides.

Happy Exploring!

Wander with me

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